The full page ad finally appeared after a series of “Launching soon” videos…


Ikea Store is more than a big-big-big, well really-really big box of all that’s happening in Hyderabad since it’s launch!

The Mecca of furniture is here. I can’t afford to miss and not write about it and so do we, Hyderabadi’s, by not visiting here. Experience it before it becomes a part of furniture shopping for Hyderabad. Btw, as I was expecting many of the lovely folks from Bengaluru too migrated for a day on the launch day. And, what a launch it was (besides the huge traffic snarls around Ikea’s store) It wasn’t just a visit, it was an EXPERIENCE.

Dear Hyderabad, if not for anything feel proud that a 36+ Billion Euros (Indian Rupee almost 28,41,25,54,95,000) strong revenue firm has decided to launch its first mega store not in the National Capital or Financial Capital or the Silicon Valley of India but our own Hyderabad. Ikea deserves us 🙂

What I loved in this ad? Well, for that I had to flip the page… and visit the store to check it out myself!


  1. BIG THINGS THAT SUIT YOUR POCKET – It does has many many small and useful and big in size things which are very pocket friendly – Not just a flowery word as appeared in the ad. 
  2. DAY TRIPWhen the store size is that big and it is filled with so many beautiful things to redesign your home, you have to make it a day trip. 
  3. YOU CAN JUMP ON A BED… – Which furniture store declares it? 😀
  4. …EVEN WHEN EVERYONE’S WATCHINGHyderabad, you can sit, relax, lie down or jump even when everyone’s watching, just don’t break it (my personal appeal). They have written it and they must have thought about it but… thanks but no thanks…  I won’t jump…but it is so bold and comforting to read about it!
  5. SMÅLAND Ok, little trivia first, Småland is a beautiful province in Sweden and is where founder of Ikea belongs to! So, they have a play area (YET TO BE LAUNCHED – may be 10 days or so to launch) where you can leave your kid (upto 45 mins) for a supervised play. Admission will be based on a height criteria and child should be toilet trained. The store has parents’ rest rooms, changing facilities and private feeding rooms. Welcome Family!
  6. CO-WORKERSWhile growing through their global portal too, I noticed they refer themselves as co-workers. A thoughtful and simple word to show that you can be owner or CEO or manager or junior staff but all on floor work are just co-workers.
  7. YOU CAN LOUNGE ON ONE OF OUR COMFY SOFASWell, I did that and many others too and the sofas were indeed comfortable! And you need it after trying to cover the lakhs of sq. ft. of showroom space! 
  8. CHICKEN BALLSUndoubtedly, Ikea is not just a furniture store but a playground and a perfect restaurant too. Do try the cinnamon buns with coffee. Ikea is in India, so samosa is mandatory and Biriyani because you are in Hyderabad 😛 


Watch out how the furniture retailing changes now… Happy EXPERIENCING 🙂

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