It makes my day to look at these attention grabbing full page ads for same product and same customer and in the same geographical market.

You can either, Celekt Your Mobile Store or have Happi Mobiles!


The communication to brand team of CELEKT and HAPPI must be hardly different differently hard:

  • Get a popular brand ambassador – Check | Check
  • Highlight the best of mobiles with their best offers – Check | Check
  • Come with a great design for a print publication – Check | Check

Without being cynical, I don’t think they have much room to play around and grab the loyalty of its customers.

So, how does a customer decides?

Retail clients do decide on spending their money at the nearest and most popular (in perception, which is built through such ads), but when pricing is same, all they want is attention and service.

I decided to visit the stores of both these outlets. Both had very easily accessible stores near my home so it didn’t took me time to check both out. I didn’t found anything irresistibly different from both stores, so I will keep it general.

The moment I entered positive sales energy in both stores was palpable (both stores are new . Quickly a staff got attached with me who tried helping me & wooing me with latest features of different brands of mobiles. Both the guys tried to give me a best solution in terms of technology and discount for the budget I told them. (Now, I didn’t went to buy or else I would have ended buying one SAMSUNG J8 from either of the store, not only because of the mobile’s feature but also because of offer from PayTM on some 2000 cash back offer, making the mobile within my imaginary budget). Both the sales persons asked my number when I told them I need time to decide, which I didn’t gave.

I came out in dilemma if seeing their ad at first helped me in finalising my buying decision at their store? What is the missing link which can really grab a customer’s decision and ultimately win their heart, mind and wallet? I went only exploring, but many customers do want to buy a new mobile and go inside a store exploring and explore some more in online and offline stores before ending up buying. I’m sure there must be something more to get a real buyer who can decide they enter inside.

The main reason if you see the ads, both are trying to buy the customers through similar discounts for a same phone of same tech features. There is no story originating from them. A good print ad is must to announce and enhance visibility but the ad design should only be first part of the store’s story which further should brew inside the store.

A story starting in a print ad should compel a customer to walk-in the store and the story should conclude there with every customer whether they buy or not. They not buying is their decision but the story of an ad will connect them to store forever.

The mobile store should own the story. And the story will end up owning customers love!


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