Tell me what’s not there to love in this blue-tiful picture?


Nothing’s in this serene picture that can’t soothe you heart and eyes.

I saw this Times Passion Trails (from Times of India Publication) ad and it captured my eyes. In an nano second, it came in my mind, is it India? A quick glance on the details of ad reveled that yes, it is very much India and least expected from Madhya Pradesh, why least expected? Because looking at the beautiful blue waters you will think of it as a shot from some coastal area, not from a a landlocked state like Madhya Pradesh.

Seriously, look at the location, it seems as if islands are coming out of nowhere. Why will you believe that such a location exists in Madhya Pradesh? Another nano second and I thought it could be a representational picture, but by then the Times Trail map started making impression in my mind, oh, here it is Hanuwantiya highlighted in red.

The trail looks enticing but I think the ad team fell a little less in love with the pic than I did. They should have made a little more effort in bringing the Higher Definition quality of the same panoramic image to print.

Moreover, giving a little mythical and a little real-unreal kind of ┬átouch in the image would have done better justice to this attractive trail from Times and to a state where India’s heart reside.

Thoda Magic, Thoda Life!

Why Not, aakhir M.P. mein Dil hota hi hai bacche sa!

Don’t miss to watch the video, if you haven’t yet. And don’t skip it even if you have seen ­čÖé


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