There are some ads where content is every way less important than the context. Cycling events are right for all their reasons.


I have my critical eyes open for advertisements but all I find in this ad is a happening event with some right brands associating to promote it.

If you are 80s and 90s child, you must have seen those bike renting stores in the nearby markets to our homes who used to offer cycles on rent for a rupee or two for an hour or so. Those were the days when parents struggled to keep their wards inside home but sadly with advent of technology parents have problems other way around – to push their child out (obviously in safety) to get them playing outdoor.

I can’t say is the replacement of those times bringing bike renting near your neighbourhood store but it is trying to solve a real world problem. Providing a seamless first and last mile connectivity. Have you checked out yet? Do it if not (links are given below), and if you are in Gurugram or Hyderabad or Jaipur you should try their Public Bike Sharing.

Coming back to the ad, I loved everything including the right name, right concept, and right brand partners. The brands associated are apt, my favourite amongst them is quite unexpected but very much relevant – is Dr. Copper – a thoughtful, owing to health benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel, manufactured conveniently in handy bottles. This is one of those brands which got numerous duplicates because of its popularity and novel concept. If you ever plan to buy these bottles on Amazon or Flipkart, do watch who is the seller. Associating with an event like this will definitely take them to a right and deserving level of recognition – Innovative Product. Right Marketing.

Explore the possibility of joining any of their cycling events – Visit and if you are in Hyderabad on 18th and 19th August Join Freedom Hyderabad Ride

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