If I will tell you to relate RASNA, TIMES OF INDIA AND TRIBAL TREASURES, can you find similarity?


The offbeat background colour and nature of product must have attracted you if you have seen this print ad. So, were you able to find the common thread between RASNA, TIMES OF INDIA AND TRIBAL TREASURES?

Well, first things first. You like it or not, this indeed is a thoughtful ad standing out boldly from the crowded world of reds and blues; with discounts screaming to start from 50%; Cashbacks which makes you feel as if your dad is giving your money back after you have done shopping for your clothes.

But not this run-of-a-mill ad.

What makes it different is obviously its oddly different background colour, an unknown face, and a description of product,  the “finest Pashmina Shawl” with a retail price mentioned “as high as Rs. 5 Lakh per piece”. The bar is set and relevant customer defined.

Now, all “Native Haat” needs is similar line of communication strategically placed in the right places and it will find its niche calling.

The thread between NATIVE HAAT, RASNA and TIMES OF INDIA

Native Haat as described in it’s website, “offers products and experiences across categories that are Sattvik, pure and natural… it also brings content that revolves around spiritual, simple and simple living”. Native Haat is a trademarked brand owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. the principal of Times of India publication. Brand Capital, which is an investment arm of Times of India group does equity investments in promising businesses and helps them increase demand for their products/ services. Brand Capital is backed by the unparalleled marketing and media strength of the Times Group across TV, radio, digital, out of home and print mediums.

Native Haat has partnered with Rasna under its healthy drinks category and as I could notice have on offering Native Haat Honey, Native Haat Drinks of Aam Panna, Jamun, and Shikanji flavours.

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