I have saved this ad/ article for today. The best breakfast to eat and brand to write for the day – India’s Independence Day.

iD - idly Dosa at HapLive.com
iD – idly Dosa at HapLive.com

Colour, Creed, Caste, City, State, North East India, South of India, North Indians – The differences are many and will always be there, it is just that do you acknowledge it negatively and create a boundary while forming your friendship?

Best things in my life has happened because of I being a proud Airforce ward. Yes, my dad was in Airforce. We had friends from every damn corner of this great country, we shared our food and we lived with one rule – eat everything one offers from his/ her festival (Saying, we celebrated every festival of every state is too cliche and for intellects which weren’t developed when we actually did so). We were united without saying so.

This independence day take a vow to not restrict friendship based on the differences but actually form the friendships out of those differences. Share your food. Acquire new taste and acquire new friend.

Talking of taste, if you can’t create those perfect idly’s and dosa’s or Kerala’s Malabar Parotha – Just buy the batter from iD Fresh Food India and celebrate the love for traditional, authentic and natural food. Celebrate the taste of unity in diversity.

Share Food and spread friendliness!

Happy Independence Day