Imagine if the Kalyan’s “Trust Ad” narrative is similar to deals & discounts like in Flipkart’s or Amazon’s print ad which is populated by picture blocks filled with product shots and massive discounts on them.

Here, Kalyan’s instructions are clear – they need to communicate TRUST – an only selling ingredient in jewellery business. Alternatively, you can invite masses by offering ‘zero making charges’ discount but the moment you talk about discount on jewellery, suspcicion creeps in the quality or the motive behind jewellery brand for selling discounted gold – Who does that?

Kalyan Jewellery - Story
Kalyan Jewellery – Trust Ad – A Story


TIMING – Kalyan Jewellery ad appeared announcing next morning of Independence Day celebrations in Bengaluru when all freedom sales had disappeared and newspaper bore a more plain slate to accommodate the only front page ad including minds of prospective customers who will wake up fresh to see only one brands full page ad.  (Why to risk losing the opportunity and attention of buyers during Freedom sales when newspapers were bearing more than 2 front page ads from competing brands jostling for attention).

CONTEXT is the KING – If IMAGES are to capture attention of VIEWER, TEXT is to invite READERS. The difference in a viewer and reader is stark. A reader takes back the narrative with him/ her. It is true that images are much better to present the story but when you try to be different from the usual cacophony of loud images, text does the trick.

TARGET AUDIENCE Kalyan Jewellers target audience is an age group which are 35+ (more the better). When communication is “TRUST”, you can’t impress them just with crisp beautiful shots of glittering products on a beautiful celebrity. You need to give them more and more and some more. After they turn away the first page to read next page, give them more and let them immerse and believe in the story being presented. Done right here.

THE MAP STATS. What I liked best in the ad was unexpected detailing on the geographical features of the map inserted as disclaimer. You know what it denotes? They want to be factual true without bending or breaking trust of stakeholders in map.

“Trust is being Truthful”


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