What is it that makes an apparel brand select brand ambassadors? Is it the popularity alone or brand looks at the persona? But only persona of the celebrity with no connect to its’ intended audience does any justice?

The Indian Terrain - Kunal Kapoor at HapLive.com
The Indian Terrain – Kunal Kapoor at HapLive.com

Kunal obviously is less sophisticated to answer – I liked him from “Rang De Basanti” days as the uber cool guy, who means what he says and what he doesn’t says (without any punch of machismo-ism) too! ;P

Google Kunal Kapoor and look at his images – If you ponder on dissecting the personality of Kunal, he resembles sensibility, education, calmness and kind of a perfect gentleman in jeans from India.

Is it this “Indian” persona for which this brand got attracted to him? Have you noticed the beautiful brownish tinge on his face getting highlighted by the darkness surrounding him? Isn’t is so relatable to all the brown shades of Indian men?

I believe, a more successful brand relation and connect amongst its intended audience happens when more than the brand ambassador “carrying a brand” on his/ her shoulder, they should be “reflecting” it. The moment a celebrity outgrows the brand the desired quotient of it’s product increases but at the cost of disconnect among people. In the day and age of social feeds from celebrities, people need that connect when they see their star wearing and breathing the brand they endorse.

A larger than life star can bring blind followers, but does brand really needs such fans?

Kunal Kapoor is every bit an Indian who owns the terrain – The Indian Terrain

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