I’m married and like every other married couple we get into situations for which we both try to understand the problem from our individual perspectives and try to resolve the situation. Our individual aim is to ‘perfectly’ manage the situation but the problem is far from finding a solution.

Today, after my daughter has left for school we had a not-so-heated argument on a problem that I had to go for a quick shower (You know the time when your car radiator needs water , you know it – it was not the same), anyways, under the running mug of water (as an average Indian we use bucket to wash our sins in summer not showers to save water) – Ok, coming back to the solution for our not-so-heated argument, I started thinking how we both are looking at the problem and how we are trying to resolve it ‘perfectly’, I realised under a not-so-eureka moment that our problem was we were working on arriving at a perfect solution.

I realised there is no such thing called “PERFECT”. It is relative, changes as per viewer, situation and largely it is a myth. The solutions to most of the problems can be achieved only by continuous improvement, yes, kai-zen (The Japanese know it all, I bet)

The process or rut of continuous improvement in personal self is what can help us to come out of the situation, I’m going to share this link with my wife.

Take this blog/ website/ my dream for instance. I started writing my views on different brands and their ads around August last year. I always had and still have so many ideas to implement and topics on which I want to write. When I finally equipped myself technically and persuaded myself to start writing last year, my plan was to post a blog per week. I wrote (good and bad posts) and enjoyed the fruit too (had got one client on virtual mode to write on their behalf and made my first Rs. 50,000 as freelancer, I will write more about the project in a different post but believe for now the figures are true). I was able to bag that client only because of the confidence I had gained while starting HapLive.com (by booking a domain, buying a Bluehost server, buying a WordPress theme) but unfortunately I failed to write continuously. You know why I failed? Because, I was in an imaginary world where I was trying to tame the ‘Perfection’ horse.

There is no such thing called perfection my friend. You can only work to improve continuously. Be it in your personal relations between your parents, girl/ boy friend, wife/ husband, children or most important of the relation – with yourself. Whether it is your job, your dream, the opportunity you have in your dreams, the wish you wish to fulfil, the health you want to run for… anything and everything.

At this moment when I’m trying to write this not-so-perfect blog on ‘perfection’, trying hard to properly pour the mug of thoughts in words, trying to improve on the posts which I made last year, I’m just trying to improve myself continuously from the last me you met a few minutes back while reading the last paragraph. Thank you.

Kaizen my friend. Just buckle up and KAIZEN.

PS: Dear wifey, sorry for everything I did and for everything I’ve not done till now.