I don’t need to admit to my gym instructor but I’m feeling really guilty of the pleasure I had visiting The Thick Shake Factory today. And boy, what a pleasure it was… the Oreo Nutella shake thick enough to not suck it out from that thick straw.

Lately, I have been loving the bright orange colour, be it the Tata’s Sunburst Orange in Tiago or Calisto Copper in Harrier. So when I entered The Thick Shake Factory, it gave a warm and youthful feeling.

The young bright orange decor

Being a weekday’s afternoon, it wasn’t full but neither sadly quiet. Air con was obviously not on for valid reasons but was promptly switched on by the store in-charge as soon as he saw me settling on the comfy sofa.

Order was placed and arrived in time much shorter than expected. Well, let me tell you it wasn’t my maiden visit and hence I was expecting the thickness. I had tried to suck my first Thick Shake (with my gradually increasing full lung power) a couple of years back in one outlet next to the serene Vizag RK beach. It was around 10 pm but due to rain it felt much later. With bathed roads, clear reflecting street lights and my hungry stomach I was looking for a joint to have a quick dinner before proceeding to my hotel. After having some light snacks in the space being shared by Thick Shake factory I was tempted to see the young fellows grabbing some cool looking drinks. Since it was still drizzling outside I had to kill some time and I ended up ordering some flavour and boy-o-boy I had to smile with the lung power I was using to try suck out the shake. It etched in my memory.

You see a product quality is the best marketing for to happen. No kind of advertisement could have made me remember the thickness coming out of this shake factory but even after so many years of that RK Beach visit I can still vividly recall that beautiful night with that cup of shake in hand which I ended up eating.

After having enjoyed the same taste and thickness this time I left satisfied (obviously paid at the time of ordering), only with a commitment to reach Yeshwanth and Ashwin (Owners of The Thick Shake Factory – https://thethickshakefactory.com/ind/about-us/ )

Ok, if you wonderful Godzilla loving brothers ever read this, first, thank you for the guilt pleasures and while you are up here, can I please suggest something?

Real Reason of putting up this blog: Brands around the world are growing conscious of their impact in the world. Particularly the F&B brands which serve retail customers. Efforts are being taken by such brands to create a more sustainable and organic way of serving their foods and drinks. The efforts not only help them reduce plastic pollution but also helps them get brownie points from the conscious customers (and everyone around is getting aware). I’m not sure but I assume the plastic you are using can be recycled but it will be so much better if all such plastics are replaced with paper cups, even at the cost of removing the transparency of those plastic cups and thus losing the beauty of the shakes. I’m confident you and your customers will all appreciate it.

Dear Gym instructor, I didn’t finished both… One was of a friend. I bet I could have both though!

When you do so, be proud and be loud in displaying it all over your physical and digital brand communications (a little green effort will go patriotically awesome too on the youthful orange branding of yours). Communicate the green effort on those paper glasses, your signage, your menu, interiors.

Do replace the plastic straws and spoons too. Paper/ wooden ones are easily available now. We all will love to see the effort you guys make. If myself or personally our team at avadh.co can help in this exercise, we will be more than happy.