I have been meeting many micro and SME entrepreneurs lately to offer various services of Avadh.co and found something very disturbing.

The micro, small and medium enterprises are mostly proprietorship based firms which are being run with support from their spouses or family. In few cases their are formal partners who share the work load or again, many a times, one of the partners will be silent partner only so responsibility of running the business lies on one partner.

Now, due to genuine reasons these proprietors/ active partners are so involved in day to day operations of business that they slowly stop seeing the bigger picture. I came across this image on social media and found it so relatable.

Too Busy for Improvements?

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The situation is not alarming nor it is so cartoonish to miss the round wheels for improvements. Problems occur when the intended improvements are not so obvious and need a careful analysis of existing methods of working.

For example, I have met a dynamic entrepreneur in his early 40s who is beaming with so many ideas and who has just started implementing all and many of those ideas into tangible growth. In his one of hyperlocal business models, as a lone crusader he is strategising the business, looking for right human resources, doing copyrighting of marketing materials, getting them printed and distributed through local newspaper vendors which makes him being physically present at the time of including his pamphlets in the newspaper circulations by the vendor. He also is involved in all operational work including customer visits for offering his hyperlocal services which makes him busy until 10 PM almost everyday. He understands the importance of digitalisation to improve the operational efficiencies but due to various reasons is unable to proceed:

  1. His hectic schedule is not allowing him to take a final call on the right digitalisation method
  2. As usual in most of startups, he has told his friends friend to help him developing the digital product for which timeline offered to him is over 2 months
  3. Though fully convinced on the digital program to implement, is worried that it may also bring too much of attention from prospective competitors

Of all the above reasons (in this particular example) the last one is fundamental for this dynamic entrepreneur. He is afraid of a growth which will bring him visibility and thus competition.

I found the reason amusing as I have experienced (and I’m sure you all would have) that, the day you start planning a business, someone else has started working on it. The one who launches it first does gets early mover advantage but can’t restrict competition of being benchmarked.

Just because you are worried about external competition is not a valid point to not plan and move to the next level of growth.

I have no doubts on his or many of other micro and SME entrepreneurs ability. They know their best and I always fully respect them but sometimes due to too much of involvement in business in day to day business makes you lose sight on the long term goal or even small improvements to enhance operational efficiencies.

I’m just too emotionally passionate of small businesses who start with so much of zeal. I wish them all a great success and only can help by making myself available for brainstorming – FREE OF COST.

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