A journey of a thousand miles… begins with a single smile

I love simplicity in brands. They don’t need to be loud to stand out. I was not aware of any campaign on Colgate’s Keep India Smiling Initiative until “He” appeared on Times of India’s first page advertisement.

He – India’s own Arnold, only he is much happier. Anand Arnold. Mr. Olympia 2018.

Watch this short video before reading ahead:

After going through the advertisement in Times of India, I decided to dedicate a blog post on Arnold and Colgate’s beautiful initiative. When I explored further I noticed that Colgate has got a “Keep India Smiling foundational scholarship” which aims to support deserving individuals on their journey towards a better future.

Here is the official PROGRAM detail from Colgate:

Keep India Smiling Foundation Scholarship Program aims to provide foundational support to individuals, who are deserving & meritorious but may lack resources to pursue their dreams. Along with the financial support, the program will also focus on mentorship and career guidance to the beneficiaries as and when required. Our NGO partner, Shikshadaan foundation has been working towards providing scholarships to underprivileged children along with supporting in mentoring & communication skills. Our implementation partner, Buddy4Study, is India’s largest AI & Technology enabled scholarship platform. It has so far enabled 65,000 students and has a strong Pan India network for last mile reach.


Colgate has done a brilliant job in finding such gems and bringing them to us in such smiling simplest format. I woke up my 7 years young daughter this morning to show the video of Mr. Anand Arnold. She generally gets up happily if it’s daddy time (our personal time to play at parking or go for a walk early in morning) or when I show her such inspirations.

Nobody is born hero to inspire the world. Only with their dedication and determination to excel in their chosen filed makes them a hero in front of others. I sincerely wish to thank Colgate to present us such gems and making such initiatives. As a marketer by passion and experience, I know all the initiatives a brand takes is to reach the maximum audience but the sincerity with which it is presented can be heart felt.

Anand Arnold, my new found hero, we owe a lot to you. Keep inspiring. If you all wish to know more about him: https://www.facebook.com/anand.arnoldofficial/

KEEP INDIA SMILING FOUNDATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME – Please share the initiative and do the needful by sharing the link and/ or if you know someone deserving apply for them



Please Note: This is not a paid blog by any of the brand mentioned. I love writing on ads, brands, businesses and prefer to write what I love. I feel it as my moral responsibility to share the goodness in world. Smile and have a beautiful life.