I’m a marketer by heart. I see an ad, I visualise how a customer will perceive it. Somehow there exists a notion that marketing is all about pushing the product towards the customer, which is completely wrong. I keep on telling my entrepreneur friends that just focus on development and re-development of the product (or service) you are selling, there is no better marketing than a great product.

With best of ad agency you can create a great ad campaign (shoot an exciting video, photographs etc.) and decide on media spend to make the ad reach to its targeted audience. You may get people talking about your brand and they may end up buying your product too, BUT, what will make them come back to you is only your product quality.

Whoever has tried various food products from iD Fresh Foods brand will vouch for the quality of it. I personally have used and enjoyed their dosa batter, but the excitement starts when their identity is established for taste and quality of the products.

iD Fresh Food at Supermarket
iD at supermarket

A couple of weeks back, I went to a nearby supermarket to get some paneer (Cottage Cheese), I had never seen or was aware of iD branded paneer so casually picked up (almost picked up) some other branded paneer packet and that’s when I saw the humbly lying packed of “iD Natural Paneer” adjacent to it. The immediate connection of fresh and tasty iD batter was made and I was kind of happy to see their brand of paneer. Though, comparatively the 200gm packet was 20% costlier than other branded paneer packets of same weight, I still picked up iD because I knew their taste and was aware that I won’t be getting a wrong deal (That my friends is the power of quality which you put in your product).

The taste was awesome, it was as fresh as possible (not just in comparison to other packaged paneer but as fresh as my mom’s home made ones). What also caught my attention when I was first picking up at the store was “MADE WITH LEMON, NOT ACID”, wow, I was blown over literally, I tried checking other branded paneer packets but no one had such statements. I don’t know whether the food grade acid which others may are using is harmful or not, but I do know that just because iD had written that they make with lemon I could visualise my mom making paneer out of milk by using a lemon. By writing such a statement, they did caught a customers attention but what sold them off forever was the product which I ended up eating – a testimony to whatever process they follow, it must be good.

iD Natural Paneer – My first time and now will be last to experiment with.

After a few days when I was again in the market looking for some other groceries and Paneer too, got everything else but had to go around 3 or 4 stores asking for iD brand which wasn’t available everywhere. I finally did got it but I’m sure by asking for a particular brand of Paneer, even when they had other brands in the refrigerator, the grocery store owners would have taken note of it and will start keeping iD Natural Paneer.

Learnings: Whether you offer a product or service – just focus on the quality you offer. Win customer’s heart and they will lose their wallet to you – Even if you are priced 20% more 🙂